Dublin & Wicklow

Ireland is getting the least time on our trip, and we are trying to enjoy every bit! First stop, Dublin and a pretty cramped little apartment.

 View out our bedroom window!
Our front door!
Dublin, though, is a beautiful city and we were in a great neighborhood. We were able to see the Book of Kells (an 8th century illuminated manuscript of the gospels), other sights, as well as a family-friendly music pub crawl.
Cover of book by Bernard Meehan, photos not allowed.
Old Library at Trinity College
 Lively Celtic music.
We visited with a friend of a friend, who used to live in San Pedro, learned some Dublin history, and saw Christ Church cathedral. That evening we saw Riverdance. Amazing!

 Christ Church Cathedral
Mary Icon
 Baptistry - includes pieces of all the marbles found in Ireland.

 Gaity Theater - Riverdance!

We headed for Wicklow in southeast Ireland yesterday, visiting the Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall on the way.

The Highlands

The time is flying by! We can hardly believe we will be headed back to the states in a week. I both feel like I could do this forever, and miss home. Kids are likewise missing cats, birds, and their friends.

Our time in the Scottish Highlands was wonderful. My favorite for outdoor beauty yet! Although it was a lot of driving, we saw some amazing countryside in the time we were there. From Edinburgh, we drove north to Boat on Garten near the Cairngorms. A national park, it features the highest mountains on the isle. While nothing like we have in the states, they are still impressive. Rising up 2500-3000 feet in a short distance, they have their own weather. We went for a hike on one of them, witnessed how sheep dogs are trained, and got to hold 10 day old puppies. Very impressive and adorable respectively!

40 mph winds and an amazing veiw from Cairngorm
These dogs are incredible!
 Lily helping sheer a sheep
10 days old!
From there we visited Loch Ness and Inverness. A beautiful lake, b…


Our week in Edinburgh is about to end. It's hard to believe we are halfway through our trip. Thank you, Mo. Ruth, for recommending we really spend some time in this beautiful city! Kids have been getting a bit homesick, so we have been balancing our exploring with some quieter time in our flat. By far our best yet, in these accomodations we each have our own room, as well as an actual kitchen and living/dining area!

Greeyfriars' Bobby: Rubbing his nose or good luck!
Highlights here include lots of stunning older buildings and monuments, i.e. Edinburgh Castle and the Witches Well.

Edinburgh Castle

The Witches' Well: So tragic!
Also, St. Giles, the cathedral of the Church of Scotland; St. John's Scottish Episcopal Church where a friend from Chicago is rector; and Ol' St. Paul's Scottish Episcopal Church, the place our church's first bishop (Samuel Seabury) was consecrated. We worshipped at the latter on Sunday, th…