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2nd Week

London Continued
During our second week, we enjoyed an interesting and fun day at the British Museum, home to many amazing artifacts, including the Rosetta Stone. A highlight of our trip there, though, was the accidental discovery of an amazing art store, that looked every bit like Ollivanders from the Harry Potter movies!

The next day, we took a train out to Canterbury. About 60 miles east of London, it was an easy train ride, made all the more enjoyable by the beautiful countryside along the way. Visiting Canterbury Cathedral was a highlight of our trip, so far. It is truly the cradle of our Anglican tradition in this part of England, and the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It was good to have some quiet time in that incredible space. I was most moved by seeing the record of our Archbishops there, going back to St. Augustine in 597 A.D.
Canterbury Cathedral
The Archbishops
The Nave
The Ceiling

We took a quieter day our next day, relaxing in the morning, and then ou…

Our First Week!

Our first week has been a whirlwind, with more than a few adventures! We began with a couple days in New York visiting friends. Enjoying some nice weather, we walked around their neighborhood near NYU, including Washington Square and the Stonewall memorial, had some delicious treats from Sweet Corner Bake Shop -, as well as dinner out with my niece who lives there. 

The next day we spent some time at Trinity Wall Street, and saw some famous graves of our nation's founders who fought in the revolution. We then headed to Brooklyn to visit our friends' daughter, who just had her second child. Cuteness overload!

Arriving in London late on the 11th, we had a bit of a drama finding our hotel. Not fun after so much time traveling, but it worked out. We found our flat near Hyde Park the next day, and have been hitting all the historic sites we can the first couple days.

We all loved the river cruise and the Tower of London, the girls are still working on the treats…