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Retreat, Yosemite, & Home

Following our week at family camp, I was able to spend a few days on retreat in Berkeley. It was a peaceful time reading, walking, and visiting the parish that sponsored me for ordination. Tomorrow will be my 30th anniversary of my priesthood ordination, making that visit all the more poignant for me.
 View from Grizzley Peak Vista.
Hike from CDSP to Cragmont Park.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley.
The girls and I then trekked up to Yosemite for a short visit. I hadn't been to the valley since I was a kid, and had forgotten how incredibly beautiful it is to see in person!

Tunnel View of the Valley
Bridal Veil Falls

View from Glacier Point

We are now home, again, and getting ready for the girls to enter middle school at Dana's STEAM Magnet. It has been an amazing summer; the highlight of all the travel is to have spent it with Zoe and Lily! Looking forward to coming back to St. Peter's soon.